Why We Do It


The world is undergoing a dramatic and unprecedented transition in how we produce and consume energy. This transition is driven by rapid technology disruption, climate change, and population growth.


Energy-dependent countries and energy companies in particular face a clear threat and need to respond by fundamentally adapting their business models and national economies.  Renewable energy plays a key role in this transition.

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They face complex technological, economic and social risks as they navigate the rapid transition to a world increasingly based on non-hydrocarbon energy sources.


But there are few – if any – role models for them to follow.


Innova Partners was created to solve this problem.  We are experts who have actually built large-scale national energy transformation programs.  So our clients can turn their vision into real results, faster and with greater impact.



There is are no shortcuts in this transition.  But certain factors can significantly increase the probability of success:

  • previous experience in building and leading national transformation programs

  • deep sectoral knowledge of existing global energy systems and hydrocarbon-based economies

  • access to the latest and most-effective technology developments in renewable energy, cleantech, mobility and digital solutions

  • cultural awareness of the human and social impact of potential transition options

  • unified approach in structuring comprehensive transformation programs

These Innova advantages allow us to optimize each client’s situation and achieve maximum results.

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Driving the Transition to Sustainable Energy