We are energy investors.  Innova identifies and invests in private, high-growth, game-changing companies and technologies which are playing a decisive role in the global energy transition.


We actively profile a broad range of emerging technologies and solutions, and present the most innovative and promising ones to our large energy clients and investors.


Creating these commercial opportunities provides a decisive edge for the high-growth companies we select, as well as greater visibility of the evolving energy landscape for our traditional energy clients.



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managing risk with energy investments



Investing in disruptive and rapidly-evolving energy technologies is very challenging and involves a high level of risk.


By actively developing multi-billion-dollar energy transition programs together with some of the world’s most influential energy players, we have gained unique and unparalleled understanding how this sector is evolving.

This experience and network provides Innova with 3 key advantages in creating value for clients and partners:

Innova Partners top renewable energy experts energy transition



Innova possesses deep expertise in both convention energy systems and new emerging energy technologies.  We are recognized experts in many energy sub-sectors. We have gained this expertise though decades of experience as senior executives in global energy companies, energy-focused investment funds, and as entrepreneurs. We have built both “old” and “new” energy companies, so we understand how to capture upside and avoid risk in the global energy transition.

Innova Partners top renewable energy experts energy transition



By developing some of the world’s largest energy transformation programs, we have unique visibility of emerging technology trends. This “front row seat” lets us identify faster the innovative technologies and companies that are disrupting conventional energy systems at scale. The result is better-informed, lower-risk investment decisions and higher returns.

Innova Partners unparalled access to large energy companies and investors



Our development work provides unparalleled access to the most promising emerging energy-related technologies and companies. We also maintain close ties to some of the world’s largest and best-capitalized energy companies and investors. This makes Innova an attractive investor and partner capable of creating real commercial opportunities for emerging energy companies, which often results in preferential terms of investment.

Investing in Disruptive Technologies and the Global Energy Transition