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As one of the world’s leading developers of renewable energy strategy and transformation programs, we assist visionary leaders transform their countries and companies through bold energy technology initiatives.


ADVISORY+ means going beyond traditional consulting and actually helping these leaders build large-scale and high-impact transformation programs.


Strategy consultants often deliver only reports and presentations, and leave the real challenge of implementation with the client.


But clients often lack experienced employees able to implement innovative and transformative strategies.  As a result, many ideas remain only on paper, and significant investments in consulting services are wasted.


ADVISORY+ was created to solve this problem.  We provide the necessary leadership during both the development and implementation of a renewable energy transformation program. In parallel, we also work with the client to identify and train internal or external candidates to take over leadership when appropriate.


ADVISORY+ delivers superior results in complex energy transformation programs, ensuring the client’s vision is successfully turned into reality.


  • strategy expert analysis technical evaluation

    1. ANALYZE

    Analyze the client’s existing situation, goals, opportunities, strengths and complications

  • select best strategy for energy transformation roadmap

    2. SELECT

    Select a general framework and strategy for building a successful transformation program

  • refine strategy energy convergence transition program investment renewable energy experts

    3. REFINE

    Refine into detailed and executable roadmaps for specific programs, projects, and investments

  • build energy projects energy investment funds renewable energy technology development

    4. BUILD

    Build, implement and provide start-up leadership to the various programs and projects

  • transfer project management to local management


    Train and transfer program leadership to qualified local and internal management


Masdar Institute of Science and Technology MIST Abu Dhabi MIT renewable energy R&D
Masdar Shams 1 largest operating CSP solar thermal plant GCC
Masdar Institute solar research R&D new materials record efficiency
IRENA International Renewable Energy Agency in Abu Dhabi Masdar City
Masdar PV thin film solar panel
Masdar Cleantech fund $250 million VC fund

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    • Organization:   Abu Dhabi government, Mubadala sovereign wealth fund
    • Project Value:   $15 billion
    • Scope:   design, build and operate non-oil economic diversification program based on renewable energy & clean technologies
    • Key Achievements:
      • Masdar Institute: new research university with MIT
      • Masdar City:  greenfield sustainable smart city
      • IRENA:   UN agency for renewable energy
      • Masdar PV:  greenfield solar PV manufacturing
      • CleanTech Fund:  $250m VC fund

Skolkovo technopark innovation center Russian VR startup virtual reality technology
Skolkovo Technopark innovation center transitional R&D laboratories Russian tech incubators
Skolkovo Russian technology innovation center robot IT
Cube Skolkovo Innovation Center Russia Moscow technology ecosystem

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    • Organization:   Russian government
    • Project Value:   $5 billion
    • Scope:   design, build and operate economic diversification program based on 5 clusters:  energy, nuclear, IT, biotech, space
    • Key Achievements:
      • Skolkovo Institute:  new research university with MIT
      • Entrepreneurship:  seeded / supported / funded  >700 technology start-up companies
      • Skolkovo Innovation Center:  lab & office space for start-ups, shared services and support (IP, legal, marketing, financial, international mentoring)
      • Corporate R&D:  R&D agreements with 25 top global technology companies
      • Investment:  co-investment agreements with >35 local & international tech funds

Transforming Renewable Energy Vision

into Reality